Yazd Travel Guide

With its winding lanes, forest of badgirs, mud-brick houses and delightful places to stay, Yazd is a ‘don’t miss’ destination. On a flat plain ringed by mountains, the city is wedged between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and southern Dasht-e Lut and is every inch a city of the desert. It may not have the big-ticket sights of Esfahan or Shiraz, but, with its atmospheric alleyways and centuries of history, it exceeds both in its capacity to enchant. Yazd warrants a lazy approach – rambling around the maze of historic lanes (referred to locally as Yazd’s ‘historical texture’), popping into random teahouses or pausing to work out calligraphic puzzles in the city’s exquisite tilework.


Jaame mosque:

When you enter to this place you feel relaxed and calm, it is really amazing, it’s all decorated from top to bottom in dazzling tile work, predominantly blue in colour. The mosque is marvelous at night.

Amir Chakhmagh complex:

It’s amazing that you see this beautiful garden in the heart of desert. It has the world’s tallest Windproof structure. Moreover the place is suitable for taking fantastic pictures.

Towers of Silence:

Zoroastrians did not bury dead people. They used to put them there for wild birds to eat them. There are place around the tower for the people who came for ceremonies.

Zoroastrian’s Fire Temple:

This place is well maintained and has quite a bit of interesting information about the Zoroastrian faith which many people may not have heard of. As Yazd has an important Zoroastrian community, it is worth visiting when there to get an understanding of where this community came from.

Dowlat Abad garden:

This garden has one of the tallest wind towers of Iran. It is nice but if you want to see all beauties it will take time. The colorful windows, inside the building are really eye catcher at noon but the yard of garden is nice at nights.

Water museum:

It’s a traditional house that collect water instrument of Yazd early people and show how they arrive water to their dry city and use it for several goals.

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