Sand and Mud Therapy In Iran

Mud contains vital minerals that have positive effects on human health. Mud will extract toxins from bod thus is extremely helpful in preventing several diseases. It conjointly helps in cooling and reposeful body because it will hold wetness for a protracted time. Sand and Mud Therapy In Iran is one those questions that every traveler ask about because of location and facilities like desert and mangrove forest.  Iran budget tour provides a travel on desert and mangrove forest can be a choice for travelers to use Sand and Mud Therapy.
Benefits of Mud medical care
1. It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulationIt maintains metabolism rendering positive impact on digestion
2. it’s helpful in conditions of inflammation/ swelling and relieves pain
3. it’s a decent hair conditioner and is nice for skin
4. it’s helpful in condition of stiff joints

Why use mud therapy?

Out of the 5 constituent components of this universe mud (earth) incorporates a polar role to play in our well being. The dark color of mud helps in interesting totally different colours and conveyancing them to the the body, giving it therapeutic properties. Also, its form and consistency could also be changed with ease, simply by dynamic the water content, that makes it straightforward to use. A mud pack is advantageous over a chilly compress (cold water therapy) because it retains the coolness over a extended amount of your time. Therefore, it’s counseled whenever a chronic cold application is needed. Lastly, it’s simply accessible and a value effective treatment possibility.

Sand psychotherapy

Sand psychotherapy reminds US on a daily basis that the kid is experiencing emotions through each therapeutic expertise we offer and that we ought to respect these emotional diversifications even as very much like their sensory diversifications. Through Sand Play we tend to area unit ready to elicit the child’s beauty from inside.

Why use Sand Play Therapy?

1. provides expression to non-verbalized emotional problems. Play is that the language of youngsters and also the sand receptacle provides a secure medium for expression, free from analysis.
2. incorporates a kinaesthetic quality. Sand incorporates a sensory quality and also the expertise of touching and manipulating the sand will be therapeutic in and of itself.
3. Creates a necessary therapeutic distance for the shopper. This distance will enable the shopper to own a secure place to figure through and method their experiences.
4. Provides a setting for the emergence of therapeutic metaphors.
5. Provides a required and effective communication medium for the shopper with poor verbal skills. on the far side biological process reasons, there area unit shoppers of all ages UN agency might have poor verbal skills for a spread of reasons. once unable to effectively communicate wants, it will produce a good level of frustration. In Sand psychotherapy expression of wants isn’t dependent upon words.
6. Provides an area for the shopper to expertise management.

Who can benefit from Sand Play?

While a wide variety of clients can benefit from Sand Play therapy, there are some populations who may especially benefit from using this modality.


  1. Clients who are introverted and tense – the tactile interaction can help reduce tension and anxiety.
  2. Clients who are hyperactive – creating a scene or story in the sand can assist the client to focus and slow down.
  3. Clients who over-verbalize. Some clients tend to over-verbalize as a defense mechanism or for avoidance or resistance. A nonverbal method such as Sand Play bypasses these forms of interference.
  4. Clients who rationalize or intellectualize. Similar to over-verbalization. Sand Play can bring out the emotional aspects of a client’s issues.
  5. Clients who have trouble verbalizing.

Where Could We Have Sand and Mud Therapy In Iran?

Traveling to Iran could have different experiences for travel lover our who like relaxing or have times to feel better. On Iran Sand and Mud Therapy Tour we are ready to provide services on sand and mud therapy but if you want to know more about places, all deserts in Iran are the location for sand therapy for example deserts around Kashan and Yazd  are to choice for visiting and relaxation or sand therapy. Desert like Alaedin , Bafgh , Abuzeydabad , Matin Abad are best location for trekking and sand therapy.



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