Qeshm is the geartest island of iran in Persian gulf, by 150km length and 30km width. Qeshm has so many different attraction makes this island the land of wonders. Qeshm is fringed with biologically diverse mangrove forests and attractive beaches and. Its sun-scorched interior features geologically significant canyons, hills, caves and valleys, most of which are protected as part of the Unesco-recognised. Qeshm Island Geopark bliss for nature lovers.


This is an unbelievable place created by sea, wind.  Of course time to show us the power of nature and pure beauty. Chahkooh valley is a breathtaking valley that’s easy to wander through. A wonderful experience that will take you an hour or two to enjoy.

chahkooh qeshm

Stars valley

Stars valley is a natural phenomenon made by layers of rocks. The rock formations are great and it’s worth stopping to troll about.It is one of the most amazing places in Qeshm island you shouldn’t miss.the shape of the rocks is fantastic.

Hengam Island

If you haven’t seen dolphins so far, this place is necessary for you. From early morning up to about 10 am. you have chance of watching playful dolphins near your boat You can get there by boat. The most beautiful sunset is over there. It is awesome for camping, swimming, staying up late at night.

hengam island

Mangrove forests

For nature lovers mangrove forests of Qeshm is a nice place to see sunsets and some of the beautiful view of the sea, you won’t be regret to visit there. Also, you can have some activities like water ski in a super calm water and enjoy the beauty of nature and sport together

qeshm Mangrove forests

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