Iran Travel Warning

Some European countries such as UK advised British-Iranian dual nationals against essential travel to Iran. And all British nationals should know carefully the risks of travelling to Iran. And also warning them to travel to Iran because of  terror attacks but attacks could happen anywhere, including in places visited by foreigners.  Reverse of what many people think (Iran is commonly associated with violent war ), Iran is a safe place and you can travel to Iran without paying attention to Iran travel warning. Read this article by Iran Budget Trip, Iran Travel Agent, to get all you need about Iran and its safety.

Where is Iran?

Iran remember some of history’s biggest names such as Cyrus and Darius, Alexander the Great. the greatest attraction you see in Iran could just be its people, they are so hospitable and kind. if you spend any time with Iranian’s, you’ll find yourselves invited to share a meal in someone’s home.

unlike what you can see in the media about Iran travel warning, Iran has a friendly people, incredible architecture and history and also amazing nature. there are many things to see even if you spend a month traveling around the country. one of most important things to know about Iran is Iranian’s are Persian and they speaks Farsi.

Iran travel warning - travel to Iran

Iran travel warning

Why is Iran travel warning not true?

the biggest misconception about Iran is that Iranians hate Americans. but after a few conversation with people you will quickly realized that they don’t hates Americans or any other foreigners.

Iran is safe

apart from what you hear in news, Iran is a safe country. you can see uniformed police everywhere but they have no interest in hassling foreigners. and also in big cities such as Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad you will find helpful tourist police.

Iran travel warning is not true - Iran is safe

Iran travel warning is not true – Iran is safe


Things not to do in Iran

Contrary to media perception and Iran travel warning, Iran is a safe country and like other countries you must follow its rules such as: use or trafficking of drugs and alcohol is forbidden. Photography of government and military installation (ports, airports and etc.) is prohibited. So take extreme care when taking photographs in any areas that are anything other than very obvious tourist attractions. So it’s better to ask before taking photographs.

Don't take photos in military installation of Iran - Iran travel warning

Don’t take photos in military installation of Iran

Religion in Iran

Iran is a Muslim country therefore, Islamic law is strictly enforced. So everybody should respect local traditions, laws and religions. For example, it’s forbidden to drink or eat in public during daylight hours of the holy month of Ramadan. If police catch you eating on the street, you might be able to get away by apologizing. Most of the restaurants are closed during the day but you don’t need to worry about eating as all the hotels serve food.

Iran travel warning - Ramadan in Iran

Iran travel warning – Ramadan in Iran

Don’t talk about politics in Iran

You can find the politics of Iran in framework of a theocracy in a format of syncretic politics that is guided by Islamic ideology. Remember don’t talk about or criticize Iranian politics, so if you find yourself in this situation, listen without offering your own views.

As travel warnings persist and diplomatic relations with other countries, many are confused by how to go about entering Iran and traveling in Iran safely, efficiently and within the boundaries set by the current regime. We talk about misconception of Iran travel warning and things you should do or not in Iran. Governments are advised to respect religious and social traditions in Iran to avoid offending local sensitivities. Nevertheless the decision to travel to Iran is your choice. Iran Budget Trip team would be more than happy to help you. Our Iran travel agency is at your service to help you.

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