Iran Cycle Tour

Absolutely all adventure travelers likes to explore destination by their own feet, especially travelers who wants to have budget trip. Travel by motor bike or bicycle makes a travel more enjoyable.  Iran Cycle Tour  is one of  attractive activity for a traveler who visit Iran. To much attraction with different weather around Iran provided an amazing destination for adventure travelers , backpacker , Eco traveler and other travelers who are interested in journey like this.

Iran deserts or beautiful beaches and mountains are  the most attractive places for cycle trip. Some of these places there are some service provider for renting cycle or bike. Either city cycle in some Iran huge cities like Tehran , Shiraz , Yazd , Isfahan in city center is recommended which renting a bicycle is as easy as take a taxi or rent a car.

Places recommended for cycle tour:

  1. Kish Island
  2. Matin Abad Eco Camp
  3. Poolad Kaf ski resort
  4. Alborz Mountain
  5. Qeshm Island
  6. South beaches
  7. Caspian sea beaches
  8. Abuzeyd Abad Desert
  9. Shahdad desert
  10. Huge cities  like Tehran , Shiraz , Yazd , Isfahan.

Iran Cycle Tour

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