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Iran Bus Booking

Iran Bus Booking

Iran Bus Booking

 Iran has great roads connecting different parts of the country together, as the 17th greatest country in the world and 2nd one in the Middle East. The high quality and very affordable well-developed transportation system are available in Iran, which all of them are frequent, reliable, safe and very cheap. Buses, are One of the most available ones. Iran bus transportation system covers a lot of ground within the country. If you want to book bus ticket in Iran, please attention they usually come in two classes. The VIP/first class is more luxurious and the second class is more frequent and economic. First-class tickets are reasonably priced but are not so expensive, and we suggest you to book them. There are different bus companies offering competitive and comfortable, bus ticket in Iran. Buses used every day for traveling in Iran, and as we explain all of the cities have a station. The booking isn’t accessible but Iranbudgettrip can do it for you.

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below there are more explanation about the kinds of buses:

Some brands of Buses  like Volvo and Scania are in charge of transporting in Iran but in some cases maybe Bus-Benz, MAN and Renault buses transport people, on the road lines and terminals. Buses are serving passengers on two different levels:

  1. First class buses, which are well-known as VIP buses in Iran: these kind of buses are with 25 seats that can be converted to half-Bed, you should know that these buses has presented with names Intercity/Coaches Buses by Scania and Volvo companies and they have air conditioning (cooler).

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  1. The another one is Ordinary buses which have 44 seats and usually have air conditioning (cooler) systems. They are only suitable for short distances(less than 6 hours) Inter-Cites.

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