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Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling to Iran, If you have any question that is not included in below list, Do not Hesitate to ask Us, Iran Budget Trip tries to answer all of Your Question for having a nice Iran budget Tours.

  • Do I need a visa & is it hard to get one?

Citizens of the following 11 countries can visit Iran without a visa:

  • Malaysia 15 days
  • Armenia 90 days within 180 days
  • Azerbaijan 30 days
  • Bolivia 30 days
  • Egypt 20 days
  • Georgia 45 days
  • Lebanon 30 days
  • Serbia 30 days within 1 year
  • Syria 90 days within 180 days
  • Turkey 3 months
  • Venezuela 15 days
  • Is it safe to travel in Iran?

This is the most common question we have from friends and family before we head off to Iran and it is absolutely a fair question. The answer is that Iran is possibly one of the safest countries you have ever visited. Theft and violent crime against foreigners is almost unheard of in Iran. We are sure you will find the Iranian people as friendly, trustworthy and keen to help as we did. In terms of political unrest and terrorism, Iran has a stable (albeit a bit strict) government with very tight border controls. So despite its rather volatile neighbours (such as Iraq and Afghanistan) it is a much safer place to visit than those countries.

  • Do women have to follow the Islamic dress code in Iran?

Yes, she should have long trousers & a long lose top with long sleeves with a scarf round the head. Alternatively one can wear a long & lose dress with long sleeves (and a scarf).

You must wear a headscarf/hijab covering your hair at all times in public. You do not need to wear it in your hotel room. Some Iran guesthouses and hotels are fine if you do not wear a headscarf in common areas, but check with staff if you’re unsure. If you are a guest in someone’s house they may also allow you to take it off. If in doubt, just ask.

  • Do men have to follow the Islamic dress in Iran?

Usually it’s expected that men do not wear short trousers

Here’s a typical daily outfit for us in Iran.

  • Is it allowed to enjoy Narcotic or alcoholic beverages in Iran?

Both carrying & drinking alcohol & Narcotic are prohibited.

  • Is the tap water safe in Iran?

Yes, it’s safe to drink. Mineral water is also available & it’s very cheap.

  • What is the food like in Iran?

Iranian food is very varied, with a number of local specialities you have to try, such as Fesinjan – a thick walnut and pomegranate stew, and Dizee – a hearty lamb and chickpea soup. Iranian produce is fantastic, with huge red tomatoes, dates, yoghurt and honey. Much of the cuisine is meat based, with superb kebabs, although vegetarians are also well catered for, with pomegranate rice and barberry rice, vegetable kebabs, aubergine and chickpea based dishes and delicious salads.

Muslim tourists in Iran do not need to worry about the food in Iran’s restaurants because by law the food served in Iran is 100% Halal, so when you are on a tour in Iran, you do not need to ask for a list of Halal food or Halal restaurant.

  • Is any vegetarian food available in Iran?

Yes, but if you want a proper vegetarian meal, you have to order in advance.

  • Is the food spicy in Iran?

No, Iranian food is similar to Mediterranean food in terms of spice & not spicy like Indian.

  • What is the Iranian Currency?

The Iranian official currency is Rial but common currency for the public is Toman.

  • Where can one exchange money in Iran?

Our Tour Guide will take you to a proper Money Exchange shop before the program starts.

  • Can you use a credit card in Iran?

No, it’s not. Cash is the only method acceptable.

  • Are there telephone, Fax & Internet services In Iran?

Yes, there are. Internet and Fax are available in all hotels, for local Iran Sim Card you have to request in advance.

  • Is the mail service reliable In Iran?

Yes, it is.

  • Are roads in good condition & do ail cities have airport In Iran?

Yes, Iran roads are good & most cities have domestic airport.

  • Is the power supply 220 volts, 50 cycle AC in Iran?

Yes, it is.

  • Is it necessary to keep the copy of the entry form after stamping by passport control at the airport in Iran?

Yes, it is necessary to keep it until departure.

  • Can one have a camera or Cam-recorder in Iran?

Yes, it is recommended to declare them at customs in the airport. It’s not allowed to take photos of military areas & religious places.

  • Do all Iranians know English?

No, most young people know English.

  • Is it allowed to take carpets as souvenirs in Iran?

Yes, each person is allowed to take 2 pieces of rugs each 6 square meters with him/her or can send it.

  • How much does it cost to travel in Iran?

Depending on your habits and travel style, the cost of traveling in Iran can be very high or low. If you hitchhike and use Couch surfing, the trip will cost you very little. On the other hand, if you are looking for a luxurious vacation, stay in five star hotels and use domestic flights; you might end up with a huge bill.

  • Backpacker, low budget trip, easy to do?

Iran is a cheap and easy destination for backpackers comparing to lots of other Countries.

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